Innovation Week 2019 Presentations


Websites and Digital Marketing 101 by Caleb Jost

In It to Win It by Christa Rose

How to Set your Business up for Profit, FIRST. by Deborah Whitby

Positive Leadership: Possibility, Purpose, & People by Evan Schmiedehaus

The Social Media Machine – How to Attract Attention for Your Business Online by Jessica Scanlon

Choosing the Right Business Entity by Judy Lou Brown

The 3 Secrets of World-Changing Brands by Justin Foster

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Your Growing Business by Lauren Schoenbaum

It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal by Liz Deering

SEO and the Buyer’s Journey by Rachaelle Lynn


Digital Marketing: How to Create a Strategy in a World Full of Options by Brenda Boral

6 Things to Do to Get More Customers by Cynthia Albanese

Is Franchise Ownership Right for You? by Cynthia Mora

Taxation 101 When Starting A Business by Dominick Mancuso

10 Mistakes in Preparing Your Financials Correctly in QuickBooks by Dwayne Briscoe

Accounting for Management Decisions by Gustavo Suarez

Getting Down to Business by Joy Hutton

Choosing the Right Business Entity by Judy Lou Brown

Web Design Basics for Small Business by Loretta Smith

Preparing for an IRS Audit and Legal Resources for Small Businesses by Luz Martinez

How to Use Trademarks and Copyrights to Increase Your Business. by Shahara Wright

Future of Finance: Crowdfunding Your Business by Tae Mi Lee

How to Manage and Grow Your Business Online with Free and Low-Cost Tools! by Tanisha Dixon

The Secrets To Loan Approval – The Loan Dating Game by WenFang Bruchett