Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Forgiveness

This forgiveness application and process is for businesses who received a PPP loan with PeopleFund. If you did not receive a PPP loan with PeopleFund, please do not fill out this forgiveness application.


Click here to read through PeopleFund’s Loan Forgiveness Disclosures which detail the program’s process, policies, procedures, and FAQs. Complete this form to apply for forgiveness on your 1st or 2nd draw PPP loan if your loan amount was less than $150,000. Once complete, a PeopleFund team member will reach out to you within 15 business days.

3508S: PPP Loan Forgiveness Application for Borrowers with Loan Amounts Under $150,000. Click here to complete the application.

Application Assistance

If you need assistance completing this application, or have any questions regarding your loan or forgiveness amount, please fill out the “Contact Us” form and a PeopleFund team member will be in touch with you regarding the request within 5 business days. Please include as much detail as possible when filling out the “Contact Us” form to ensure we route the request to the appropriate team member.

Click here to contact us.

If your 1st or 2nd draw PPP loan was larger than $150,000:

PeopleFund will contact you separately to file your application for forgiveness at least one month prior to the end of your deferral period. If you would like to get started on your forgiveness application before we contact you, please schedule an appointment with PeopleFund’s Forgiveness Manager here: