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Our Party Update

Woah! So much has happened in the last week and a half when we rolled out the promotion for our little get-together. We don’t really have a budget for promoting it other than trying to tweet and Facebook like crazy about it, so we weren’t sure what to expect.

Turns out, tweeting and Facebooking like crazy works. In less than two weeks, we have:

A little bit about our new guests

SafePlace is a true Austin original. After starting out in 1977 as Texas’ first domestic violence and rape crisis center, SafePlace has become a nationally-recognized domestic and sexual violence resource center. They’re an awesome group of Austinites who are working hard to not only support the victims of relationship violence in our community, but also to increase awareness about these issues through their community outreach and education programs.

HourSchool is another nonprofit with Austin roots. After the founders spent some time with the Austin homeless, they started HourSchool, a community teaching organization that believes everyone has something to teach that their community wants to learn. Anyone from the community can sign up to teach a class or learn something new from one of their peers.

That’s it for now. Keep checking back here for more updates, inviting all your friends through our Do512 page, and tweeting that you’ll be at the #17StParty. We hope to see you on March 15!

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