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We Love SnoBall and You Should Too

Yes, this is our valentine to SnoBall. And not just because SnoBall is helping us out with our SXSW party.

SnoBall is awesome for so many other reasons. They’re changing the way people support the causes and nonprofits they love by making giving a daily activity that you share with your friends.

What happens is, you guessed it, a snowball effect. Since your SnoBall is linked to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, every time you donate, you’re providing a word-of-mouth endorsement to all of your friends. When they get on board, they’re sharing it with their friends, who are sharing it with their friends, and on and on. Pretty soon, there’s an avalanche of donations coming in. And it all started with one tiny donation.

How it works

After you sign up for a SnoBall account, then you can browse their 1.6 million nonprofits to pick your favorite. At our SXSW party, all donations made through SnoBall to PeopleFund will go to our JET program.

Then you tie your donation to an event. For example, every time J’Covan Brown gets a rebound tomorrow night against the Sooners, you’ll donate $1 to a local domestic violence shelter. Or, every time you check in through Foursquare at Bennu Coffee, you’ll donate $2 to your local food bank.

See? Very easy. Eventually, you can share ‘your story’ and link up with other SnoBall users who support your causes on your SnoBall page. You can search through other users’ profiles for new charities and share your new discoveries on your own page.  It makes giving a habit that you share with your friends, not just a one-time thing you do by yourself.

It would be awesome if all of our #17StParty-goers could sign up now for a SnoBall account now, so on March 15, they can help us out by creating a SnoBall for PeopleFund and the JET program.


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