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PeopleFund is proud to announce the launch of a new online loan application system

By Lulu Molina, Development & Communications Intern

For those of you seeking PeopleFund loans, we have some very exciting news. We’re happy to announce that this week marks the launch of our first-ever online loan application system! We believe that with this new platform, our loan request process will be faster, easier, and more accessible for everyone involved.Grow with Us

At PeopleFund, it is our mission to create opportunity.  Since our doors first opened, we have been providing loan capital, education and resources to underserved people, facilitating economic growth and financial stability. We have seen remarkable success and, in an effort to keep helping small businesses thrive, we found it not only appropriate but also necessary to develop a state-of-the-art online application system to support our steadily increasing loan volume.

Our new web-based loan application will streamline the process by leaps and bounds. It will offer significant benefits to both, our loan solicitants and our PeopleFund team. Instead of filling out a paper-based application, or meeting with one of our loan officers, our clients can now enter their information through a secure online form.  It will also allow you to go at your own pace; you can start an application, save the information you enter, and go back later to complete the remaining questions. Our new online loan application process is quicker and more convenient than ever before.  And, not only that—it is also accessible through smartphones and tablets!

We have to thank everyone who has contributed to this achievement, and in particular the PeopleFund team, which has spent many hours ensuring the success of this project. Their dedication has been exemplary.

For more information about our loan process, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the lending team via email – [email protected].

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