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PeopleFund Announces Strategic Partnership with CCAACC

Local Chamber and Nonprofit to Provide Educational Opportunities

Austin, Texas – PeopleFund and the Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce (CCAACC) announced this week that the two organizations are partnering to offer educational workshops and technical assistance to the chamber’s membership.

“CCAACC understands that in order for our members to grow, they must receive specific and focused business training and assistance.   Our new partnership with Peoplefund provides them access to the premier technical assistance and small business lending organization in Austin,” stated Cofield.

The partnership evolved from a recent CCAACC Strategic Planning retreat which evaluated the Chamber’s mission and programming against the needs of its growing member base. Chamber President, Natalie Madeira Cofield and PeopleFund President & CEO, Gary Lindner, CCAACC Board Member, determined that a cooperative agreement for businesses assistance and education would provide mutual benefits to both organizations.

“The partnership reflects CCAACC’s move toward a more efficient and collaborative way to offer services that matter to our members.  As an active member of both organizations I look forward to furthering our respective missions and deepening  relationships, together,” stated Lindner.


PeopleFund, a nonprofit organization and community development financial institution, routinely delivers regular workshops and business education classes at its headquarters on E. 17th street & MLK Blvd. For more information on PeopleFund’s business education programming and technical assistance, please visit  Under the agreement, all PeopleFund workshops and classes are available to all CCACC members.

Please consider joining PeopleFund for upcoming training opportunities: Small Business Certification 101, From Napkin to Revenue (a two-day intensive workshop focusing on entrepreneurship, product development, and sales techniques), Financial Literacy 101, and the City of Austin MBE/WBE Certification. For additional information on workshops or education opportunities please contact Laurie Annear, Business Assistance and Education Manager at 512.222.1019 or [email protected]


Peoplefund is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1994. It is a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and SBA certified lender. PeopleFund provides business loans up to $250,000 to Texas businesses that do not qualify for bank loans. It also provides client business assistance and education. The target market is minority, women, and veteran business owners and those residing in low to moderate income communities. 89% of PeopleFund loans are made within the target market and 51% of loans are to startup businesses with fewer than two years in business, as well as to nonprofit and community organizations with high social impact. Through access to capital and educational opportunities, PeopleFund creates economic opportunity and financial stability for underserved people to build healthy small businesses.


Founded in 1982 | The Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce (CCAACC) is an advocate for the creation, growth and expansion of businesses within the Central Texas region. The Chamber actively promotes the expansion of business opportunities on behalf of its membership through referrals, partnerships, seminars, training programs and marketing.  CCAACC also works to promote Austin as an attractive locale for businesses both small and large throughout the United States and abroad conducting various domestic and international trade missions. In the summer of 2012, we are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the African American Heritage and Culture Center and our new facilities located in the historic East Austin neighborhood. CCAACC is a proud collaborative partner within the Greater Austin region working closely with the general business, nonprofit and political community to encourage diversity and inclusivity to showcase the benefits of Austin.

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