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Featured Client: Safe Haven

This month we’d like to highlight Safe Haven, a child-placing foster/adopt agency in Houston, Texas.

Safe Haven began as a group home for boys in 1991. The group became well known for its ability to take troubled youth that no one else wanted. Eventually, the Executive Director decided to take the program to another level and opened up the Child Placing Agency to find more qualified foster families and serve harder to place children and youth.

Safe Haven Community Services Foster Care and Adoption Agency has been in business for over 5 years now, and has cared for thousands of foster children and completed over 40 adoptions. Safe Haven is unique in that it places high importance on finding highly qualified and exemplary foster parents, thereby ensuring a healthy atmosphere in the foster home and helping to minimize multiple placements for the children. Their goal is to keep the children in a safe, stable, and loving environment until they can be reunited with their family or find a permanent loving home.

PeopleFund was able to play an important part in their agency. Because of the way that services reimbursed by the state, it creates potential cash flow issues for the organization in order to support foster families and pay them timely. Most organizations have to reimburse foster families later in the month, which is not ideal. Because it is Safe Haven’s goal to support the foster families in ever way, it is their goal to reimburse their foster families earlier in the month so that they can better provide for the children in their homes. PeopleFund’s loan has helped them to cover the gap in order to do so. PeopleFund is happy to help out an organization that’s done and will continue to do such an incredible job finding children safe and happy homes.

For more information about Safe Haven, visit their organization at You can also call their office during business horus and speak to the Exectuive Director, Eric Fields, or Administrator, Kirsti Law, to get more information about their programs at 713-988-7233.

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