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Giving Tuesday Client Spotlight: Wild Desert Beauty

Discover the essence of conscious beauty at Wild Desert Beauty, an eco-friendly salon dedicated to providing exceptional hair services and promoting a clean, non-toxic approach. Committed to the well-being of both people and the planet, the salon actively minimizes their environmental footprint through recycling, reduced waste, and the intentional use of environmentally friendly practices.

As a Certified Sustainable Salon with Green Circle Salons, Wild Desert Beauty proudly recovers and repurposes 95% of their salon waste. Owner Allison Carroll, fueled by a passion for sustainability, turned her dream of a brick-and-mortar salon into reality with the support of a PeopleFund loan. Reflecting on her experience, Allison emphasizes the personal touch of PeopleFund, noting its invaluable role in fostering relationships with entrepreneurs.

The ripple effect of Allison’s dedication to her craft extends beyond her salon. She created Conscious Beauty Club, a networking group for local beauty and hair professionals, helping develop a sense of community. Through social events, volunteering, and affordable small business training, the group has become a hub for collaboration and support.

Allison’s journey with PeopleFund is not just a success story; it is a testament to the power of investing in small businesses. As entrepreneurs like Allison Carroll thrive, so do the communities they serve. Join PeopleFund in supporting local small businesses this Giving Tuesday. Your contribution will transform dreams, create opportunities, build jobs, and foster a sustainable future for communities across Texas.

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