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Giving Tuesday Client Spotlight: Ardent Tech I.T. Solutions

Nestled in the community of Spring, TX, Ardent Tech I.T. Solutions stands out as a beacon of innovative technological solutions. Committed to exceeding client expectations, Ardent Tech builds robust IT infrastructure solutions. Jerome Smith is at the helm of Ardent Tech and has over a decade of experience in I.T. and tech repair. His extensive background includes service in the Medical Corps of the Army for six years, where discipline and dedication were ingrained in his character. It was with this determination that Jerome pursued his vision for Ardent Tech.

In our mission to empower small businesses and Veteran entrepreneurs, PeopleFund recognized the potential of Ardent Tech and the dedication of its owner, Jerome Smith. Understanding that working capital is often the lifeblood of businesses looking to grow, PeopleFund took a crucial step to support Jerome’s vision. We extended a loan to Ardent Tech, bearing a special interest rate designed exclusively for Veterans like Jerome. This low-interest rate not only made financing more accessible but also reflects PeopleFund’s commitment to assisting individuals who have served their country and are now embarking on entrepreneurial journeys.

This loan unlocked working capital that Ardent Tech needed to take its operations to the next level. Jerome was able to invest in advanced technology, expand his team of experienced and certified technicians, and further refine the range of services offered by Ardent Tech. This proved to be the catalyst for growth, allowing the business to meet objectives and consistently exceed client expectations. As a result, Ardent Tech blossomed even more, delivering innovative I.T. solutions while creating opportunities for employment and economic development in the region.

The partnership between PeopleFund and Ardent Tech exemplifies the vital role that community lenders play in fostering local businesses, creating jobs, and strengthening communities. It is a testament to the power of support. As Giving Tuesday approaches, your contribution can fuel small business success stories too.

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