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Client Spotlight: NOMTOMBOT, INC.

Picture this: It’s the middle of summer and the Texas heat is beating down on you while you are walking around the local flea market. Beads of sweat are dripping down your forehead, and the only thing keeping you cool is an ice-cold mangonada or a refreshing melon agua fresca. Memories just like this are what inspired Estela and Irma Arriaga, a mom and daughter duo, to start NOMTOMBOT, INC.  

NOMTOMBOT, INC is a food and beverage company that plans on launching its first drink, A’HUA! Mangonada Champ, this summer. For months, Estela and Irma have been procuring top-quality ingredients to ensure that people will taste an authentic and refreshing mangonada with every sip. 

Before starting NOMTOMBOT, INC, Estela taught in education for 20 years, and her mother Irma worked at her local church for 15 years. Ultimately, they both decided it was time to pursue an idea that they were passionate about. A passion that they wanted to share with everyone.  

As a family, we have always wanted to start a business, and we thought ‘what is something people buy every day?’… FOOD!” 

Recently, NOMTOMBOT, INC was approved for GO TEXAN, a Texas Department of Agriculture initiative dedicated to identifying and supporting Texas-based businesses and connecting them with customers across the Lone Star State and around the world. This will open the doors to venues such as the Texas State Fair and the Houston Rodeo, two huge markets for incoming and existing brands and small businesses.  

When asked how PeopleFund has directly impacted the growth of their business, Estela said, “PeopleFund has been an essential part of NOMTOMBOT, INC. because it has allowed us to put our first product into production. We learned so much about finances in the process, and it helped us understand the importance of documenting. Without PeopleFund we wouldn’t be where we are so soon.” 

With their first product in production, Estela and Irma say they want A’HUA! to be “a drink for the people”. For them, summertime could not come any sooner, and they are anxious to get their products in every grocery store.  

Their lips are sealed on what drinks and food items they plan on conjuring up next, but it seems like they have many ideas for other drink flavors and food items — including chips and salsa— on the drawing board. 

As new small business owners themselves, Estela and Irma want to let other prospecting business owners know to “keep going even when the going gets tough. Tu puedes!” 

If you would like to stay updated on the release of A!HUA Mangonada Champ Sparkling Agua Fresca, follow them on Instagram at @drinkahua.

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