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Client Feature – Vandana Textiles and Jewelry

Fred and Asmita Dorairaj started Vandana Textiles & Jewelry in December of 2014 to bring traditional and casual women’s clothing and accessories to San Antonio and other markets. Vandana Textiles & Jewelry imports women’s  clothing, jewelry, handbags, and accessories for retail in the United States and Canada. The clothing and jewelry are sourced from India, and handbags are expected to be sourced from China. Vandana Textiles & Jewelry will also offer specialty gold and silver coins, which are often given as gifts or melted down to make a piece of heirloom jewelry for special occasions in Indian, Jewish, and other cultures.

Fred quit his desk job to focus on starting Vandana, and says he and Asmita are already ahead of their expected timeline. Fred and Asmita both have experience, knowledge, and connections to vandana_2succeed in the clothing retail industry. The couple is expecting to need even more space in the next year as their inventory expands.  Fred and Asmita just moved into a new home and plan to put an addition on the house that will allow them to use the space for their inventory and business operation. While Vandana caters to a mostly Indian niche market, Fred and Asmita believe that market to be huge. They are also hopeful certain products would cross cultures and appeal to Americans as well, with some of the brightly colored styles working as fiesta wear or just attractive everyday clothing. According to Fred and Asmita, a portion of the business will be evening wear for Indian weddings which can take place during all seasons.

So far, improving their internal software systems to align with vendors and product sources has one of Vandana’s greater challenges.  Fred and Asmita plan to expand Vandana’s  product range to position them as a one-stop-shop for the entire vandanaoutfit, accessories included.  Vandana has launched its website with a limited amount of merchandise with plans to expand in the new year. They also have their first catalogue printed.  Fred and Asmita have registered Vandana Textiles & Jewelry with the Minority Business Development Agency and have begun to build connections with major retailers.  They also have established relationships with major suppliers in low-cost locations like India and China – which will allow them to enjoy healthy margins on the marked up merchandise. You can find Vandana Textiles & Jewelry at 3310 Sabine Way in San Antonio, Texas or shop online here.

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