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Bloom Lab Member Highlight: Cider Spoon Stories

Jess Hagemann has always had a love of words. As a child, she used to write greeting cards for friends and family. In university, Jess studied Biology but quickly found that her favorite part of her degree was writing the lab reports. She changed her academic path to reflect her passion for writing, ultimately receiving an MFA in Creative Writing. Jess began working as a ghostwriter: a writer that is hired to write literary or journalistic material that is officially credited to another person. She found herself drawn to recording and writing people’s life stories after the first book she ever ghostwrote was her Grandpa Jack’s memoir.

Jess started Cider Spoon Stories in 2015 as Austin’s premier ghostwriting service specializing in crafting authentic pieces for a number of clients who are interested in sharing their life stories. After several informal interviews and logistical questions, Jess gets to know her clients and their voice. She takes their stories, personality, and the memories of her clients and weaves them into a book that reflects the needs of her clients.

Jess works with a variety of people eager to share their life lessons, from grandparents wanting to pass on memories to future generations to entrepreneurs sharing their business journey and their brand. In three short years, Jess has written 1 million words, weaving priceless lessons into masterpieces.

In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Jess is passionate about sharing her love of writing with the public and facilitates a number of workshops for folks who are interested in creative writing. She customizes writing workshops for youth groups, teacher trainings, corporate retreats, and more.

Starting on February 13th, Jess will be hosting a 4-week memoir writing class designed for the beginning to the advanced writer. During every Tuesday workshop, participants will learn about a different component of legacy writing and meet a special guest speaker. Share your life lessons in a meaningful way and learn how to tap into your authentic voice with Jess Hagemann! Learn more about the class series and register here:

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