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A Huge Thank You

The first ever 17th Street Party at the Rail was a huge success. We won’t have the final fundraising totals until later next week, but the turnout alone was awesome. However, we definitely could not have done it by ourselves. We had tons of help, so we’re sending a huge thank you to all of these groups and people:

  • Mark Gonzalez– We don’t even know where to begin with Mark. Mark did it all for us on the music front. He brought in tons of great bands, got the word out about the event, put us in touch with Sabor Azul and then showed up bright and early on Thursday to set up all of the equipment. Trust us, if anyone wants to throw a great concert, Mark will have you covered.
  • Snoball– We can’t thank Don and his team enough. From signing our friends up, raising money for us, sponsoring the event, and giving out awesome T-shirts, Snoball really came through for us.
  • SWBC– We wouldn’t have pulled this whole shebang off without the monetary help from this group.
  •  Live Oak– We were just hoping for a Big Bark or Hefeweizen, but donating their newest brew, Schwarzbier? We were stoked. It was delicious and offered a great talking point for when we got on the mic and told everyone how awesome our clients are.
  • Sabor Azul Margaritas– We found our new favorite margarita mix. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we heard constantly that these were delicious.
  • Everyone who helped us spread the word– We have a communications staff of three people, each with a lot more urgent tasks on their plate besides trying to promote a party. It was such a blessing to see all of our friends and even  strangers retweet and share us on Facebook. We definitely felt the social media love.
  • Everyone who came out– It was so awesome to meet all of you to those we haven’t met and to see you again to the familiar faces. We hope you learned a little something about what we do and our presence in the community.

We’ve got quite a few more events in the works, so keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter and our blog!

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