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Bloom Lab Client Feature: Women’s Community Center of Central Texas

By Anna Wallin

The Women’s Community Center of Central Texas strives to create an inclusive environment to empower women in their community. They foster belonging and support for women identifying people through conferences, events, and classes. Through suggestions at one of their biggest events, the Women’s Empowerment Conference (WE Con), they started a self-care focused series called Healing Through the Arts which included soap making, collaging, and journal making. Now, the fourth installment of the series is coming up. It is centered on wellness and self-care. The Women’s Community Center of Texas partnered with Ashé Arts Austin to put on Healing Through the Arts: 90s Dance on July 15. So, channel your inner 90s girl and sign up today. The Women’s Community Center of Central Texas and Ashé Arts Austin recognize that everyone has their own individual fitness journey; that the gym is not for everyone. In keeping with these ideals, they created this event so that women in Austin can work up a sweat, laugh, and have fun. Tickets are 20 dollars and help support the Women’s Community Center of Texas programs and work. The class will be taught by Sade Jones, a wonderful Austin dance instructor.

If dancing isn’t for you or you want to be more involved, don’t worry, there are more events around the corner! In August, they will be putting on Alt Girl Cinema: Ovarian Psycos at the Alamo Drafthouse Lamar! Sit back, relax, snack, and enjoy the film! The film follows a group of woman of color in East Los Angeles who form a bicycle crew: The Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade and ride through streets seen as dangerous at night to confront the violence in their lives. Las Ovas are activists, feminists, and support indigenous culture. They try to spread these ideals in their city. This project strives to bring a different, more diverse depiction of womanhood in film to the forefront. Austin’s own bike crew, the Bikin’ Betties, will ride to the theater for the showing. All proceeds help to support the Women’s Community Center of Central Texas.

In keeping with the changing technology, the Women’s Community Center of Central Texas has created an Amazon Smile account. Amazon Smile functions in the same way as Amazon, but it allows shoppers to add a charity that Amazon will support. Simply search the Center when picking your charity and keep shopping! The City of Austin’s Economic Development Cultural Division is an integral partner in helping to support the work the Center does. Help the Women’s Community of Central Texas support women in Texas!

Shop on Amazon Smile and the Women’s Community Center will receive 0.5% of the sale. Start shopping for the WCC:

Healing Through the Arts summer workshop is a 90s dance movement class, co-presented with Ashé Arts Austin! The gym is not for everyone’s personality, lifestyle, or body; this method will replenish your soul, make you laugh, and leave you fulfilled. Let your inner teenager free! (Teens welcome too. <3)

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