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Social Media Marketing: Tools & Tips

By Yoona Kim

Nowadays, social media has become a vital tool for the marketing. Especially for small business owners, it is considered as a cost-effective and easily accessible choice compared to the other marketing tactics. However, this can also lead entrepreneurs to have a wrong impression of effective social media marketing. Obviously setting up social media account and treating it as a stand-alone billboard does not mean that you are fully engaging with potential clients. Instead, you need to create and share the posts on a regular basis so that you can convert social media audiences into the website visitors or customers.

You might ask yourself then how can you make engaging posts and manage all of them? Luckily, there are some incredible social media marketing tools that can help you to facilitate your social media campaigns.

One of the most important components of a social media post are the photos or visuals attached.  If you don’t have any original photos handy or a budget to purchase stock photos, there are a number of websites that offer free high-quality images copyright free.  Check out ‘Unsplash’, ‘Pexels’, or ‘Pixabay’ for a variety of great photo options.

Once you gather your design materials and pictured the post in your head, you can use graphic design tools to visualize your idea. One of the most popular graphic tools is called ‘Canva’- an online platform for non-designers helping them to easily create a stunning web and print design. You only need to drag and drop the design elements on the premade templates and customize it as you want. Meanwhile, make sure your marketing efforts generate meaningful results or insights by keeping track of your social media data. Social media dashboards like ‘Hootsuite’, ‘Zoho social’, ‘Buffer’ offer this kind of service. These will enable you to manage multiple posts, social media channels and measuring the performance.

Besides the tools covered above, there are many other tools out there that can help you to boost your social media channels. You can get a help with multiple marketing steps in the process depending on your uses and needs. And many of these great tools are provided without paying a cent. All you have to do is finding the adequate tools and focusing on how to apply it to your social media strategy. But if you are still not sure about how this works, PeopleFund marketing experts will help you to create your own marketing plan and teach you how to use all of these tools one by one. Visit our website and contact us to build your social media presence!

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