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PeopleFund Intern Welcome – Zach Mayer

By Zach Mayer, Development & Communications Intern

I have been told a career without a good education, prior internship experience and a good network of connections is a mediocre one at best.

Thankfully my future career will be greatly benefitted by this internship with PeopleFund.

I decided after graduation from Texas State University, my main career focus would be public relations and marketing, but I lacked the marketing strategy experience needed for such jobs. I am happy to be able to intern with A Glimmer of Hope and PeopleFund since graduation.

Zach Mayer 2It is exciting an internship with PeopleFund will give me the opportunity to develop my skills, expand my connections and be all around better prepared for future marketing and PR jobs.

I hope to learn more video making, web development and graphic designing skills, as well as to learn PR and marketing strategies. I have beginning to intermediate skills in some of these areas, thanks to college course and intern work, but it would be great if I could become more proficient.

I expect doors to open in the non-profit and corporate sectors after this internship, thanks to new learned skills and more connections. I am keeping my mind open about future jobs for the time being, but considering the idea of working with non-profit organizations, especially the ones which directly or indirectly help family development, children and youth or those who are impoverished.

There will be opportunities to gain insight about what working with non-profits or small businesses includes. I will develop a clearer career direction with such insight.

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