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PeopleFund Intern Welcome – Antara Palit

By Antara Palit, Development & Communications Intern

AntaraMy name is Antara Palit and I am currently a rising senior at the Hockaday School. I have lived in Dallas for 5 years, and before that I lived in California where I was born. My hobbies include reading, singing, dancing and watching movies. I am interested in entrepreneurship, marketing and business and hope to major in a related field. I will be applying to college in the fall, and I am very excited to see where my college prospects take me! During this summer, I hope to learn as much as I can while interning at PeopleFund and also enjoy a few months of no-school!

I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity to intern at PeopleFund. I think PeopleFund has a great mission and is doing a fantastic job of giving back to the community. PeopleFund’s mission is not only important to aspiring entrepreneurs but also to local economies. By supporting entrepreneurs, PeopleFund is making entire cities more affluent. What interests me the most about People Fund is that it is different from other non-profits. While other non-profits simply give people donations and funds, PeopleFund takes the extra (and very important!) step by making sure that people have the skills and resources to use their funds effectively. This is the main reason why I specifically chose to intern at PeopleFund.

Through my internship at PeopleFund, I hope to gain work experience and learn more about how a non-profit works. I also want to learn more about business and entrepreneurship since I aspire to become an entrepreneur and pursue a career in the business world. However, my main goal is to help other people achieve their dreams and promote PeopleFund’s mission of creating opportunity. I am very excited to work at PeopleFund for the next few months!

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