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PeopleFund Client Feature: WhotNot LLC

By Noelle Darilek

PeopleFund client, WhotNot , continues to achieve success with their WindowKitty product.

windowkittyjerry1The product is a half-shaped dome, open on both ends with flat bottom that cat lovers can easily place onto any windowsill below the blinds to have a place for their cats to relax or play and look out the window, while still respecting your privacy.

The product idea originally began in 2007 when founder, Christina Martinez’s, oldest son noticed a problem. Their cats loved sitting on the windowsill in his bedroom, but the blinds would get pushed, bent and broken because of it. The immediate solution was to simply raise the blinds, but the family didn’t want to constantly keep them up and risk others seeing inside.

One day, Christina’s husband, Brian, had an idea and created the first WindowKitty prototype in their garagewindowkittythree out of range hood vent pieces, which involved of a long flute with pieces that fit together. The family’s cats immediately took a liking to the new piece, but the product was made of metal and very heavy.

After committing to the product idea, WhotNot LLC formed in 2013 as the couple completed patent searches and registered their trademark name. In 2014, they began initial product design and had inventory beginning in 2015.

Today, WindowKitty is sold online on their website, Amazon and eBay. The company also attends trade shows and cat shows to promote their product. They even attended CatCon in Los Angeles, California this past summer. WindowKitty will also be at the Heart of Texas Fair in Waco, TX this October.

Want to buy WindowKitty? Purchase it here from Amazon! Don’t forget to use AmazonSmile and set PeopleFund as your charity!

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