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Client Highlight: Invictus Martial Arts

Our clients, Selynda Garza and Dave Hackbarth shared the story of their business, Invictus Martial Arts. Read their story below:

“Through a shared passion for martial arts and a holistic view of life, we became quick friends and collaborated on several events and training opportunities together. In late 2017, we had a conversation about what the future of martial arts looked like for each of us and that was when the idea of Invictus Martial Arts was born. We genuinely have a holistic approach to nutrition, wellness, mindset, community, and martial arts. We truly believe that with the right mindset a person can endure almost anything and persevere through life’s toughest obstacles.

We had a specific vision for Invictus. We didn’t want it to be just another “dirty dojo”. We wanted to create a community focused on total wellness: mind, body, and soul. We wanted Invictus to be a one-of-a-kind place to train which meant investing in wood flooring, best-in-the-industry mats and training equipment, anti-fatigue LED lighting, and a fresh-air supply system featuring hospital-grade air filters. However, we had no idea how we would be able to fund such an endeavor. That’s where PeopleFund came in. We shared our vision and they offered possible solutions. During a time where it would have been easy to suggest that we dream smaller, compromise, or even settle for less, we always felt that PeopleFund believed in us and our vision and had a deep desire to help us create exactly what we were working so hard for. Without PeopleFund, we would still be practicing our martial arts in a school gym or a neighborhood park. PeopleFund helped us build a permanent home, not just for us, not just for Invictus, but for our current and future members as well.

“To us, it’s not enough to simply train in MMA combatives and pay rent. It’s about seeing girls who are unsure of themselves become confident. It’s about helping boys who are timid gain self-respect. It’s about seeing teens who are indifferent become passionate. It’s about helping adults who are barely getting-by gain healthy habits to thrive. Painfully, on March 19th, 2020, due to the pandemic, we had to shut the doors not knowing what would happen next.

But we adapted and quickly adjusted how we served our members and community. Fortunately, we started coaching our training sessions via LIVE-Streaming (still available today). But we didn’t just stop there. Throughout the pandemic, we reinvented ourselves at least three times. Today, we continue innovating, adapting, and iterating. Now, we offer numerous opportunities for a person to train with us! Whether through Invictus Online (our 100% online, On-Demand training) or In-Person Small Group sessions, anyone who has the desire to get fit and transform their life while learning essential self-protection skills can join our community. We even offer Private and Semi-Private coaching for a more personalized experience. While our members may come to us to improve their lives, it is our lives that have been most impacted by them. We’re deeply grateful for our resilient members, for our local community, and for PeopleFund.”

Click here to learn more about Invictus Martial Arts!

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