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Client Highlight: Shire Distilling Company

After over 20 years of homebrewing beer, wine, mead and more, George Daher decided it was time to open his own micro-distillery with his family. Shire Distilling Co. was founded in 2017, quickly churning out memorable spirits such as Shire Shine (premium white whiskey) and Shire Fire (a cinnamon infused whiskey). Shire Distilling Company is the first whiskey distillery in the Brookshire area since prohibition.

Previous bar-tending experience has gifted George with a remarkable talent for creating unique and delicious cocktails that highlight each flavor profile of each Shire Distilling Company’s available spirits. With every new season, Shire Distilling offers a new twist on classic cocktails and brand-new boozy delights.

News of this Texan micro-distillery spread quickly and by the summer of 2018, fans could find Shire Distilling Company available in local Spec’s around the Houston area. But the fun doesn’t stop at the increasing range of spirits- Shire Distilling Company has begun to expand their tasting hours and hosting local events including movie nights, Sunday Night Football, and more.

Join Shire Distilling Company on Saturday, November 24thfor their grand opening from 2-8pm. Tour the distillery, enjoy some cocktails, and meet the minds behind your new favorite local haunt. Check out Shire Distillery Company’s website for more information:


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