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Client Highlight: Hill Country Med Waste

Special Ed teacher by day, entrepreneur by night- Hillary Burris is redefining what it means to think outside the box. After moving to Kyle from California, Hillary quickly saw a massive gap in the market when it comes to medical waste and responsible removal options for businesses. Inspired to keep it local, she founded Hill Country Med Waste in 2018 as a local solution to commercial medical waste removal and disposal services by eliminating excess fees and providing flexible options to best fit any business in Central Texas.

Hill Country Med Waste works with a variety of local, Texan businesses with services including removal, transportation, and the disposal of all types of medical waste. From dentists to tattoo parlors, Hill Country Med Waste is an integral part of the business ecosystem. With online tracking and tailored pick-up, Hillary has made excellent and responsive customer service a priority.

At her core, the spirit of community giving and optimism drives Hillary to take on so many projects. Part of starting a new business was the goal of creating more financial stability for herself and her family. Dedicated to giving back, Hillary is planning on contributing to organizations addressing homelessness and supporting transition programs to assist these underserved communities.

If you are a doctor, veterinarian, dentist, dermatologist, blood bank, or any business that requires commercial waste removal and disposal, contact Hill Country Med Waste today for a quote.  You can request a quote here.

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