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Client Feature | Perpetual Motion Studio

JuNene has been dancing for as long as she can remember.  While teaching a youth summer camp, she was approached by parents who wanted to keep their children in her dance classes after the camp ended. Wanting to offer her own classes, JuNene embarked on the journey to open her own studio. Like perpetual motion studio blogmost entrepreneurs, she faced the speed bump of finding money to start her business. One day, JuNene stumbled upon a Facebook post on her friend’s page about a PeopleSpark event. Intrigued, JuNene attended and soon after became a PeopleSpark participant.

JuNene says the PeopleSpark program was “priceless” not only because of the loan she received, but also because of all the business tools she learned and knowledge she gained about operating a small business and because the program gave her a chance to network with fellow entrepreneurs on the same journey.

In June of 2012 JuNene opened Perpetual Motion Studio in the Bishop Arts Theatre Center. JuNene’s style of teaching is unique in that she uses movement to build self-confidence and self-esteem. She asks her students to pick an affirmation to be used for the day to empower them. Her main focus is not on getting someone ready to be a dance professional, but on using movement to build inner confidence.perpetual motion studio 2

JuNene attributes her success to her passion – this is a job she loves and the people she teaches can feel that. Since opening, Perpetual Motion’s student population has grown quickly, and weekly classes are well attended. In fact, she has plans to move her studio into a building of her own in the fall. What’s the most rewarding aspect of owning her own studio? JuNene says it is the freedom to create how she wants, and to be able to give other independent artists the opportunity to have a place they can call home. After all, she says the whole point of being a small business owner is to help others be employed.

Her advice to people wanting to start their own business: “Know what you want to do. Know what your niche is. You can’t just do open-ended marketing – why not target those who would really like what you offer? Also, don’t let money stop you. There is a power in knowing what you want and need to start your own business. All you have to do is set the goal and go for it.”

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