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Client Feature | The Lone Star Diva & Co.

Article by Erika Stroli
Operations & Engagement Intern

blog 1Kathryn Gonzales opened The Lone Star Diva & Co. in May 2007 after being inspired by her family of entrepreneurs and with dreams of one day starting her own company. Kathryn’s early experiences in the nonprofit sector also played a large role, as she felt it was time to create a consultancy that would offer professional expertise at a price that these start-ups could afford. The Lone Star Diva & Co. first began as a video production firm and then later added website development services. They entered the consulting sector in 2010 and later added services for startups and entrepreneurs.

Kathryn said that initially she experienced the usual hardships of trying opening a first business, which was a constant fear of dealing with lack of funds and resources. To combat this fear, Kathryn remembered PeopleFund helped a nonprofit that she worked at several years prior. After contacting PeopleFund and working with Ardina Washington, PeopleFund’s Loan Administrator, Kathryn could officially “set up shop” and purchase new computers and supplies to help The Lone Star Diva & Co. work more efficiently and professionally.

According to Kathryn, business is great and they have a wonderful portfolio of clients. Currently, The Lone Star Diva & Co. is working on launching their new inbound content marking service later this spring. Over the next year, they will be adding public relations and advertising services, establishing partnerships with several online software-as-a-service companies, and will continue growing their team of consultants. They are also excited to begin expanding their reach outside of Central Texas.

For entrepreneurs who are also interested in starting their own business, blog 2Kathryn recommends they read the book “$100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau and gain a strong support system to deal with the stress of starting a business. What distinguishes The Lone Star Diva & Co. from other similar businesses is their method of “business therapy,” which is supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of their clients. The willingness of Kathryn’s company to make frequent course corrections and become companions, confidants, and cheerleaders to their clients also sets them apart from other businesses.

Kathryn describes the immense pride that comes from years of hard work building a business, and being able to call herself “Head Diva” of her company. She is extremely grateful towards the support by Ardina and the rest of the PeopleFund team, both before and during the application process and all these years later. It was not just the organization of PeopleFund, but the human connection with PeopleFund staff members who helped Kathryn and Lone Star Diva & Co. every step of the way.

For more information about The Lone Star Diva please visit their website.

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