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Client Feature: Keeping Things Sharp With Blade Craft Barber Academy

By Sarah Parvaresh, Communications and Operations Intern

BCBA 1Nestled in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas is one of the only barber schools that goes beyond teaching its students the basic skills of cutting and shaving but also teaches the importance of excellent customer service. The Blade Craft Barber Academy was founded by Lilly Benitez after she traveled around the country talking to many salon owners, barbers and hair stylists who all shared similar frustrations with lack of barber training. She came back to Texas and set out to establish a prestigious barber academy.

Lilly offers her students her expertise as a barber, educator, massage therapist, and manager. The straight razor shave she teaches is a favored experience that requires practice and licensing. No other school is currently offering the required barber license training in less than the current 1500 hour barber course; under new regulations, a currently licensed cosmetologist can become a barber in only 300 hours instead of 1500.

Whether you’re looking for a nice cut or shave or for a place to learn how, Blade Craft Barber Academy offers a fantasticBCBA Teach environment for it. Customers walk-in and immediately receive a warm welcome by Lilly or one of her apprentices. There’s the option of a variety of drinks during the visit – alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  Lilly’s goal for the rest of the customer’s visit is simple: provide a luxury experience.

“Between family, work, and travel, men rarely get the opportunity to unwind and enjoy time for themselves in such simple luxury   with a haircut, facial massage and shave. This male experience requires someone they respect as a specialist that is trained to cater to them exclusively; someone who can carry a conversation and offer simple recommendations per their way of life in the areas of male grooming and style.”

So make sure to check out the Blade Craft Barber Academy in Dallas for a professional and relaxed atmosphere where men can unwind and have a great conversation with their barber and meet other professionals. By mentioning this feature, Lilly will offer the first service – beard shaving, tailored haircut, or a straight razor shave – complimentary.


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