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Client Feature | Good Hair & Co.

good hair and co 1 Growing up around a Grandmother who owned hair salons, Ana Thomas always knew she wanted to open her own some day. After working in a few salons it was time for her to branch out on her own.  Initially, Ana faced challenges trying to find the right information and business consultants to help her come up with a business plan. Finding funding to actually start her business was also a struggle, and that is where PeopleFund was able to help.

Ana heard about PeopleFund at an SBA meeting, but didn’t think getting a lgood hairoan was the right move for her. A couple months later she spoke to our Dallas-Fort Worth Loan Officer Mari Montoya at Deal Day and Mari was “very reassuring and took the fear out of [getting a loan],” leading Ana to finally take the plunge and apply for a loan.

Ana opened the doors of Good Hair & Co in September of 2013 and business has been booming ever since.  What’s contributed to her success? She claims it was her decision to go with a niche – unlike most salons, Good Hair & Co primarily offers extension services and that’s worked well for her. That along with referrals from happy customers has kept her salon busy.  She even plans to open up two more extension bars in the next two years.

What advice does she have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Don’t give up.  The days are going to be hard; the days are going to be long. Some days will seem impossible. Just don’t give up. Consistency is the one thing that will open doors for you. If you don’t give up it will always work out.”

To learn more about Good Hair & Co please visit their website.

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