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Client Feature | Frazier Revitalization

Frazier Revitalization was founded in May 2005 as a non-profit with the mission to implement redevelopment of the low-income Frazier neighborhood in South Dallas through economic and cultural development. Revitalization initiatives are difficult, and at one point Frazier Revitalization was unable to repay a loan that was due. PeopleFund was able to give them a loan to avoid defaulting on their existing loan.

frazierWhat makes Frazier Revitalization so special? According to President and CEO Dorothy Hopkins, from inception their board has consisted of five Frazier community residents and five Dallas business leaders, which has allowed them to be connected to the community. This combined with the fact that they were formed at the request of the City of Dallas indicates their sincere desire to revitalize the Frazier neighborhood.

Though their efforts still face hardships due to lack of conventional financing, Dorothy and her staff are continuing on with tenacity in order to get the Frazier community the attention it deserves. They’re in the process of developing a comprehensive initiative frazier2including the Hatcher Station Village transit oriented development. Located across from a light rail transit station, HSV will serve as a hub that will link service providers throughout Dallas to Frazier, bringing in necessary investment and development for the neighborhood.

Dorothy’s advice to entrepreneurs wanting to start their business: “Don’t take no for an answer, continue to struggle every day, and take time for yourself – if you think things will happen overnight you are mistaken. Celebrate the small victories and engage in the community your organization is serving.” PeopleFund is honored to present Frazier Revitalization as our November Featured Client.

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