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Client Feature: Alamo Assistive Technology

Alamo Assistive Technology’s mission is to empower individuals facing permanent or temporary
communication disabilities by providing innovative assistive communication devices. They
believe that every voice, every expression, and every connection matters. Communication is not
just a tool but a fundamental human right.

Alamo Assistive Technology’s heartfelt commitment is to bridge the gap between school,
community, and families, fostering a world where communication knows no barriers. Their
mission goes beyond the technical realm—the business amplifies the voices of those who have
so much to say but may find traditional channels challenging. Through communication solutions
that are not only cutting-edge but deeply compassionate, individuals of all ages with speech
impairments can communicate more independently, take more control over their lives, and
regain confidence.

Currently the lead salesperson, Rebecca Cardona is a seasoned medical sales professional
with over a decade of experience. Her excitement for Alamo Assistive Technology’s mission
overflows— “I found this business to be my passion because it partners the caregiving side with
the sales aspect, and I’m really able to touch all the points that mean a lot to me.”
With a recent opportunity to purchase the business, Rebecca needed capital. She enrolled in
PeopleFund’s BIPOC Small Business Accelerator and graduated with funding for both
acquisition and expansion. Rebecca shares, “I’m excited I get to take what I love and make it
my own. I will be the proud owner of Alamo Assistive Technology. The business will be female-
owned, military spouse-owned, bilingual, and ready to rock!”

Passionate with a vision for growth, Rebecca plans to enhance Alamo Assistive Technology’s
outreach through targeted marketing efforts and broaden their industry presence. Their client
base current spans across the state of Texas, from Dallas-Fort Worth to the Valley and more.
Visit Alamo Assistive Technology’s website to learn more at


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