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Client Feature | 3D Discovery

Article by Tori Maidenberg
Development and Communications Intern

30internetHumble is the best way to describe Coretta Turner. In August 2012, Coretta turned her passion for teaching public speaking into a reality and started her business, 3D Discovery. Her journey not only reflects what the American dream truly means, but also inspires us to challenge ourselves and think critically about what mark we want to leave on this world.

In 2009 Coretta was laid off from her job, having to persevere through the trials and tribulations of 3 years of unemployment. However, instead of becoming discouraged or defeated, she used her time off to personally reflect on her real life aim. Realizing that her marketing career was no longer the future she envisioned for herself, she found that she held a gift for teaching and public speaking. Understanding that she had the ability to instill personal growth and confidence in today’s youth by encouraging them to find their authentic voices was enough to convince Coretta that she should invest all her resources in these children. The next step would be convincing parents, schools, and organizations that her work was indeed valuable to the success of their child’s future.

The hardest challenge Coretta faced was reaching her target audiences, she explains that “No other programs existed like mine when I started out, so it was hard for people to understand my product and see its value.” After meeting PeopleFund at Deal Day in Dallas, Coretta acquired the grants and education needed to build a sustainable business. Without Bluewithglassesinternetthese grants, she would not have been able to afford the marketing materials needed to engage people.  She not only participated in PeopleFund’s PeopleSpark Program but was also a presenter at many meetings. While a teacher and business owner, Coretta’s learning never ends, saying that “I’m still a business owner who is learning too/PeopleFund allows me to take what I learn and pass it along to my own clients.”

Coretta’s goals are constantly evolving, much like the children she helps shape and grow. Currently, she continues to reach out to all types of new individuals and groups of people, including adults.  In the future, she would like to expand her business and develop a model that can help change the way families communicate. Additionally, she plans on creating an online curriculum that people can purchase and teach to themselves or to others.

It seems that the sky is NOT the limit for Coretta which is why she exemplifies what it means to be a small business owner. She loves knowing that no one holds her accountable except for herself, and that her work is a product of her own vision and heart. Her advice for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own businesses: “if you’re not passionate about your business, then I’m not either, and lastly, don’t let not having the funds discourage you—there are organizations like PeopleFund to invest in the growth of your idea!

For more information about 3D Discovery please visit their website.

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