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Celebrate Woman Entrepreneurs with PeopleSpring

By Mariana Caldas

On May 31st, PeopleFund will host its annual People Spring event in Austin. This event is a wonderful networking opportunity and leadership event for aspiring female entrepreneurs. PeopleSpring allows participants to learn about financing opportunities and gain insight from female entrepreneurs in the Austin area. Those who attend will not only gain contacts, but also a newfound sense of confidence.

Providing an empowering space for female entrepreneurs is particularly important due to the barriers that still exist for women in business today. There are currently many factors make it harder for women to obtain the capital and support they need to start and sustain their businesses. Discrepancies in funding is one of the biggest reasons why female entrepreneurs struggle to establish their businesses. According to Fortune, in 2017 female founders only received 2% of Venture Capital funds. While this percentage has increased from the mere 1% in 2006, there is still a clear inequity in funding.

Another barrier that female entrepreneurs face is a lack of a support system. Almost half of female entrepreneurs report that a lack of mentors and advisors has prevented their growth. The startup community, and to a certain extent the broader business world, is still largely male dominated- and female entrepreneurs may find it difficult to find role models who have shared their experiences. Events such as PeopleSpring provide a space where women can grow their networks and find mentors that may otherwise be hard to come across. In addition to our PeopleSpring event, People Fund offers a number of unique services designed specifically for female entrepreneurs. Our Bloom Lab provides a complete coworking space, creative equipment, and business advisory services. The Bloom Lab gives members access to a network of mentors and partners that provide insight and support so that businesses can flourish.

Join us next week for an unforgettable luncheon event that will empower our community and hear from pillars of our community including Deborah Whitby of Austin Plumbery, Meme Styles of Measure, and Kelly Jedele of Let Kelly. PeopleSpring is made possible through our partnership with American Bank. 

To learn more about PeopleSpring and to register visit this link:


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