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Carolyn Phillips of Alchemy Pops Selected For Tory Burch’s Fellows Program

Our client, Carolyn Phillips of Alchemy Pops, has been selected to be a 2019 Tory Burch Fellow!

The Tory Burch Foundation today announced the 50 early-stage women entrepreneurs selected for the fourth-annual Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program. Responding to incredible demand and thousands of applications annually, the flagship program expanded this year to reach even more women business owners with a significant increase from the previous cohort size of ten women entrepreneurs.
The entrepreneurs participate in a year-long fellowship, receive access to the Foundation’s online peer-to-peer network, and a $5,000 grant for business education.
In June, the Fellows will spend four days at the Tory Burch offices for workshops and mentoring with business leaders from Google, Spotify, Whole Foods and more. A select group of entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their business to industry influencers and investors.
Since launching the Fellows Program in 2015, the Tory Burch Foundation has provided over half a million dollars in grants to early-stage women entrepreneurs.
“In the United States, nearly a fifth of all startups will fail their first year and almost half by year five,” said Laurie Fabiano, President of the Tory Burch Foundation. “The Fellows Program provides the resources and network women-owned businesses need during this critical growth period.”

About Alchemy Pops: 

Alchemy Pops creates handcrafted gourmet frozen treats using fresh and all-natural ingredients. Their frozen pops are made in-house and they offer customers the option to pop by (visit their shop), get a pop drop (delivery) and enjoy events that pop (catering service).

Carolyn Phillips is the Owner & Chief Alchemist of Alchemy Pops. Carolyn is a successful woman entrepreneur who has grown her own business continually. Since the business was established as a delivery and pick-up model to test the concept and minimum viable product in 2014, the production facility has been expanded twice for a growing amount of pop making equipment. In addition, she opened a permanent pop cart location at 411 South Main Street in 2017. Plus, she has always been passionate about sustainable food systems and community engagement. That’s why Alchemy Pops uses so many ingredients from locally sourced and has even launched a series of pop-up events to forge local partnerships and grow the local customer base. Carolyn is also a TCU alum and holds an M.A. in Sustainability from ASU.

“Alchemy Pops is my golden opportunity to create magic moments of enjoyment, surprising and delighting people with a treat that makes them feel as great as it tastes. That’s the magic of what I do, and it’s the magic I love spreading throughout my community,” said Carolyn.

We also want to give a shout-out to Deidre Mathis of Wanderstay Hotels! Deidre was also selected to be Tory Burch Fellow. Wanderstay Hotels aims to connect travelers from all over the globe. Guests love the social atmosphere, as well as the option for private and shared rooms. Their properties are designed to ensure that guests have all of the amenities of traditional accommodations but at an affordable rate. Last year, Deidre spoke about her entrepreneurial journey at PeopleTalk Houston.

A complete list of the 2019 Fellows:
Autumn Adeigbo | Autumn Adeigbo | New York, NY
Meha Agrawal | SILK + SONDER | San Francisco, CA
Naa-Sakle Akuete | Eu’Genia Shea | Brooklyn, NY
Stacy Anderson | KENT Woman | Los Angeles, CA
Rechelle Balanzat | Juliette Inc. | New York, NY
Lauren Blanco | Markham & Fitz | Bentonville, AR
Stephanie Carter | Hypland | Hawthorne, CA

Arielle Cassidy | The Juice House | Garwood, NJ
Leslie Ciccone | (Swah-rey) | St. Petersburg, FL
Claire Coder | Aunt Flow | Perrysburg, OH
Patty Delgado | Hija de tu Madre | Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Dhansinghani | Elan Strategies | Washington, DC
Christina Fagan | Sh*t That I Knit | Allston, MA
Kate Flynn | Sun & Swell Foods | Santa Barbara, CA
Nicole Galli | Law Offices of N.D. Galli | Philadelphia, PA
Meredith Gradle | Iris Works | Indianapolis, IN
Genevieve Gralton | Underbares | Washington, DC
Ira Green | Freedom Deodorant | Las Vegas, NV
Amanda Gregory | Catalyst Marketing Agency | Denver, CO
Carrie Griffith | Little Nugget | Indianapolis, IN
Purva Gupta | Lily AI | Mountain View, CA
Kathrin Hamm | Bearaby | New York, NY
Kristina Han | Own Your Wonder | Washington, DC
Jennifer Hunt | Dixie Design Collective | Birmingham, AL
Erum Ilyas | AmberNoon | King of Prussia, PA
Arielle Johnson | Fierce Staffing Services | Detroit, MI
Tamara Keefe | Clementine’s Ice Cream Co. | St. Louis, MO
Bonnie Kuhl | Archer & Olive | Leander, TX
Sarah Lagrotteria | Flowers & Bread | Columbus, OH
Rosa Li | TEA CRUSH | San Francisco, CA
Arion Long | Femly | Upper Marlboro, MD
Shahira Marei | The Dirty Cookie | Irvine, CA
Deidre Mathis | Wanderstay Hotels | Houston, TX
Laura McCann | Adoratherapy | Asheville, NC
Lisa Mullan | Uwila Warrior | Boston, MA

Caitlin Murphy | Global Gateway Logistics | Saint Louis, MO
Rani Navarro-Force | The Marie Antoinette Gluten Free Baking Co. | Wathena, KS
Jay Newton-Small | MemoryWell | Washington, DC
Nykeesha Damali Peterman | Breakthrough ADR | New York, NY
Jenny Pfanenstiel | Formé Millinery Co. | Louisville, KY
Carolyn Phillips | Alchemy Pops | Fort Worth, TX
Lillian Rafson | Pack Up + Go | Pittsburgh, PA
Caitlin Ritt | The Lotus Method | Oakland, CA
Audrey Roofeh | Mariana Strategies | Washington, DC
Amanda Saab | butter bear shop | Livonia, MI
Beth Santos | Wanderful Enterprises | Boston, MA
Heather Stratford | Stronger International |Spokane, WA
Sabena Suri | BOXFOX | Hawthorne, CA
Laura Taylor | Mingle Mocktails | Wayne, PA
Donie Yamamoto | Vital Pet Life | Los Angeles, CA

A video highlighting the Fellows Program can be found at:

More information on the 2019 Fellowship program and selected entrepreneurs can be found at: 

About the Tory Burch Foundation:

The Tory Burch Foundation advances women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship in the United States by providing access to capital, education and digital resources: The Fellows Program has provided over $600,000 in grants to help women grow their businesses; the Tory Burch Capital Program, powered by Bank of America has distributed more than $46 million in loans to more than 2,500 women entrepreneurs; and the Foundation’s website,, is a go-to destination for women entrepreneurs. The Foundation’s global initiative #EmbraceAmbition launched in March 2017, encouraging women everywhere to own their power, their drive and their dreams. Each month, the Foundation provides online tools and digital education to more than 300,000 women, and more than and more than 10,000 women have created their business plans on


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