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Why every artist needs an awesome business plan

We have been talking a lot about supporting arts entrepreneurs lately, but we need to take a step back to talk about why creatives—artists, musicians, poets, filmmakers, actors—should view themselves as ‘arts entrepreneurs.’

We work with a lot of entrepreneurs and know the formula pretty well. You have an idea, a passion for making that what pays your bills and a plan to get started.  Musicians, poets, authors are all doing this with their work. They’re forging a new path for themselves not only with their craft, but also by becoming their own employer.

But some don’t approach their work with the same way that a technical businessperson would. These creatives need the marketing strategies, cash-flow templates and financial forecasting that the business world advocates. Basically, they need a plan for their business.

This is where we come in. We have financed a few arts entrepreneurs and have a great community resources page for arts entrepreneurs looking to build up that awesome business plan. Don’t forget to check our community calendar to get help at one of our workshops too!

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