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Vote for our client, BIAO Skincare!

Our client, Eboni Baldwin, the owner and founder of BIAO Skincare, is one of those awesome reminders of why it’s important to support small businesses. BIAO is a certified organic, all-natural and cruelty-free skincare line produced and packaged in Houston. Promoting “beauty from the inside-out,” every product comes with a special “BIAO Love Seal” to indicate it meets BIAO’s rigorous quality criteria. We’re not the only ones crazy about BIAO; the line has been written up in InStyle, O Magazine, People magazine and Intense, to name a few.

We knew we wanted to work with Eboni and BIAO when we heard their story: after Eboni’s grandmother healed her facial burns with natural remedies when she was a young girl, Eboni wanted to do the same for thousands of others with a totally non-synthetic, gentle skincare line that promotes “Beauty Inside And Out.” Eboni has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan as a member of the U.S. Army, which she credits with instilling the values of hard work and determination that have made BIAO the success it is today. When Eboni needed more capital to purchase inventory to fill orders, we were proud to step in and provide the capital she needed.

Recently, BIAO was nominated for its innovative approach to packaging by a leading industry trade association, the HBA which seeks to honor health and beauty businesses each year at its Global Expo. What’s so special about BIAO’s packaging? It’s actually so organic and natural that after finishing a bottle, you can put the box in a planter to grow a bouquet of Baby Blue Eyes, Catch Fly, Annual Gaillardia, Chinese House and Evening Primrose.  Not only that, the packaging is beautiful. Really.

Therefore, we would like everyone to get on Facebook right now and ‘like’ this photo to vote for Eboni and BIAO to win the People’s Choice Award for the HBA International Package Design Awards, to be announced on June 19. Do it!

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