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AEO has partnered with GoDaddy to combine their Innovation Hub model and GoDaddy’s expertise to strengthen inclusivity in the small business sector. Empower expands access to digital marketing expertise to business owners from all socioeconomic background by preparing them with skills and information that help equalize the playing field. Through the Empower virtual learning experience, GoDaddy volunteer coaches will work with entrepreneurs nationwide on topics such as: branding, website building, search engine optimization, social media, e-commerce, digital marketing, and more.

Do you want to have an interactive marketing experience? Empower will give you online access to eight different chapters of marketing. Entrepreneurs will also have access to group coaching with GoDaddy Guides, and Fuel Your Business Fridays. Every other Friday, GoDaddy Guides will release a webinar answering questions that entrepreneurs have submitted.

In Social Sandbox, we will guide you through the first three classes on Empower; Marketing 101, Digital Identity and Content Creation, and The Power of Social Media. After class, you have the opportunity to watch videos, complete exercises, and learn on your own. You will get access to all eight chapters, including Email Marketing and Reaching Your Customers, E-commerce 101, and Getting Found – Search Engine Visibility.

Entrepreneurs that complete the first three classes will also receive product bundles for two years at no cost. After the two years, businesses will automatically enroll into a discounted program with 50-70% off product renewals and new products.

  • Product Bundle 1 (Non-ecommerce businesses): One domain name; one shared hosting account; search engine optimization; email marketing; and one Office 365 email account. All products have a two-year term.
  • Product Bundle 2 (Ecommerce businesses): One domain name; one ecommerce hosting account, which includes search engine optimization and email marketing; and one Office 365 account. All products have a two-year term.

Dates Coming Soon!

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