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PeopleFund visits Cryo Body Works Grand Opening

by Zach Mayer

Austin entrepreneur Caulen Lauria opened Cryo Body Works this year, using his athletic background to tailor the experience to the unique needs of clients. Lauria specializes in cryosauna treatments, a unique therapy originally developed in Japan in 1978 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Lauria has worked with a wide range of professionals including Paralympic Athletes, Formula One drivers and cyclists. He even uses the treatments himself, and he says Cryotherapy has helped him recover from injuries, alleviate pain and achieve first place 5k runs.

Cryo Body Works Owner Lauria is a PeopleFund client, and he extended a few PeopleFund employees the honor of visiting the Grand Opening of Cryo Body Works on August 1, 2014. The PeopleFund staff got to see how Lauria’s saunas work with their own tour of the facility. Cryo Body Works has two walk-in cryosaunas where the client is sprayed by a cold nitrogen vapor, exposing the body to temperatures at negative 240 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes or less. Only the outer layer of skin is exposed, reaching 40-50 degrees, and clients report feeling great during and after a session.
Cryotherapy isn’t just for athletes. The exposure to photo 3cold can help skin ailments like psoriasis, sunburn and acne; promotes mental wellness, and can even help your hangover.

Cryo Body Works is located off south bound Loop 1 Mopac immediately after the 183 intersection.
Cryotherapy treatments are available for $35 for the first session. Cryo Body Works also offers massage packages to round out the experience.

Go to to learn more about discounts, deals and the benefits of cryotherapy.

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