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PeopleFund Recognized for Commitment to Diversity by Texas Diversity Council

On October 22nd, PeopleFund will receive the Corporate DiversityFIRST award from Texas Diversity Council recognizing our commitment to diversity and inclusion amongst our clients, staff, and partners. The Texas Diversity Council established the DiversityFIRST Awards Initiative to recognize and commend organizations and individuals for their support of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, in turn transforming our diverse community into a truly inclusive environment where individuals are valued for their talent and able to reach their full potential. The Award was established in 2004; composed of advisory members of the respective area councils to handle the duties of development and establishment of the Awards Program. PeopleFund was nominated for this award by a third party who remains anonymous, which speaks to the noticeable impact we have on usual industry trends and practices.

In order for PeopleFund to receive this award, Texas Diversity Council determined that we have:

1. Developed and implemented an effective equal opportunity or affirmative action program as demonstrated by a diversified work force in which all persons are afforded opportunities for employment and upward mobility, regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other prohibited basis of discrimination.
2. Exhibit visionary and insightful leadership to confront and resolve inequities through strategic decision-making, allocation of resources, and establishment of priorities.
3. Enhanced the quality of life of the community for the improvement of equal opportunity and for the provision of greater access to government and government services by multiracial, multicultural populations and increased citizen participation in government or community activities by all segments of the community.
4. Demonstrate a consistent pattern of an organizational commitment to the recruitment and retention of individuals of underrepresented populations.
5. Cultivate and promote diversity initiatives that establish and foster a more inclusive and equitable work/learning environment.
6. Demonstrated continued corporate responsibility by devoting resources for the improvement of community at large.

Whole StaffOver 80% of the PeopleFund team are women—an unusual statistic for most professional workplaces, especially those within the financial industry. Our nonprofit status and mission-driven approach to diversifying our client base is also reflected in the faces of our team. 100% of upper management is women, and over half our staff are people of color. Our loan officers are fully bilingual in English and Spanish, ensuring that we can better serve low income and minority populations. Additionally, a wide range of ages are represented on staff, and youthful staff members bring energy to the wisdom and experience of the older, veteran staff.
We are honored to receive this award, and we look forward to celebrating diversity along with the other winners and attendees on October 22nd.



About Texas Diversity Council
The Texas Diversity Council (TXDC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to fostering a learning environment for organizations to grow in their knowledge of diversity. The TXDC is a great opportunity for organizations to learn from some of the top corporate leaders in the area of diversity.
The TXDC is currently made up of six Councils throughout the state of Texas. The Councils serve the greater Metropolitan Areas of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi.

About PeopleFund
Peoplefund is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1994. It is a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and SBA certified lender. PeopleFund provides business loans up to $350,000 to Texas businesses that do not qualify for bank loans. It also provides client business assistance and education. The target market is minority, women, and veteran business owners and those residing in low to moderate income census tracts. Over 40% of current loans are to startups and non-profit organizations. Through access to capital and educational opportunities, PeopleFund creates economic opportunity and financial stability for underserved people to build healthy small businesses.

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