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PeopleFund Client Feature: Taylor Insect Repellent Products


By Noelle Darilek

PeopleFund client, Abe Taylor, first noticed a need for his product while sitting in his mother’s backyard on a hot summer day. While trying to enjoy a cold drink, Abe was surrounded by mosquitoes, gnats and files. Though he initially tried to search for a solution at a local store to protect him and his drink, he wasn’t able to find one. Seeing a need for a new product in the market, Abe asked himself, why couldn’t that business owner be him?

After a lot of brainstorming, in June of 2014 he finally came up with the perfect solution. Today, Taylor Insect Repellent Products are a line of all-natural dining ware. This includes plates, cups, place mats, coasters and other various household items that all repel insects that come too close to your food, drinks and even you.

Abe pitched his idea the next day to World Patent Marketing who loved the idea and they began working on the project. Shortly after that, he was granted a loan from PeopleFund to fund his new idea.

Today, the company is reaching out to corporations and manufacturers who would like to lease the idea or purchase.dsc00113

“Insects are a problem everywhere while spending time outdoors during the warm seasons,” Abe says. “There have never been any products on the market like these in the world that actually enhance your quality time spent outdoors.”

Abe also discusses the importance of his products because of the recent Zika virus outbreak and the bacteria flies carry people want their food and beverages protected from.

The products are all safe to use and cause no harm to the environment.



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