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Hammons Family Dental | May Featured Client

Article by Kat Pratt

PeopleFund is proud to present Hammons Family Dental as our May Featured Client. Dr. SignTravis Hammons was on a military scholarship while at dental school. During this time he was in the reserves and became active duty upon graduation. In his service as a military dentist he took care of our frontline soldiers and earned the Army Commendation Medal for exceptional service.

Dr. Travis Hammons had just finished a 15 month tour of duty in Iraq when he approached PeopleFund for a loan. As a civilian, he wanted to open his own practice, but lacked the cash on hand to fund it himself. The banks he talked with felt he was not established hammon dentalenough, and he was referred to PeopleFund by a large bank after being declined for a business loan. PeopleFund was able to extend a $100,000 loan to Dr. Hammons for his now thriving practice. Since that time he’s hired five additional employees and his practice serves 400-500 people a month.

PeopleFund empowers returning veterans like Dr. Hammons empower returning veterans to create stable careers for themselves and others. Dr. Hammons says helping those in need has become one of the most rewarding parts of his profession. Through his military service he learned to relate to a diverse population. About his military experience he says, “It is amazing just how many people served or have family who are serving.  I consider it a privilege to be able to serve these people in my practice.” To returning veterans looking to begin a business he advises to get the education needed to run the business.  “For me being the doctor is the easy part, it is making smart business decisions that will keep you successful.”






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