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Client Spotlight: Tires Square

Have you ever visited a tire shop and been frustrated by the lack of quality customer service? Garis and Mary Machado felt the same way and decided to do something about it. Thus, in June 2020, Tires Square was born in Katy, Texas. At the forefront of their business, Garis and Mary instated a mission to provide the best customer service to every guest who walks through their doors.  

On Tires Square’s first day of business, one guest commented on the “impeccable” quality of service. Now, every time Mary and Garis receive a similar compliment or good review, they are reminded of the difference they are making in the community. They understand that a little touch of humanity can make a person’s day, giving their small business an advantage over big corporations in their area.  

Mary and Garis say that an important factor in successfully running their tire shop is having the products that their customers both need and want in stock. PeopleFund was able to provide Tires Square a loan which helped increase their tire inventory by 25% and fund some operational costs. With their “impeccable” customer service, hard work, and capital from PeopleFund, Tires Square was able to successfully grow their small business.  

If you are in need of tire services and live in the Katy, Texas, area, give Tires Square a visit. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram @tires.square and @tiressquare, respectively. 

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