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Client Feature – ScratchMeNot


Andrea Thomas was a hotshot architect at the height of her career. She spent long hours drawing up the plans for buildings, a job that was as demanding as it was gratifying. However, in 200(?), Andrea found a job that was even more satisfying: mother. A new mom, Andrea faced many of the typical occupational hazards: lack of sleep, stepping on toys, constant diaper changing, and eczema. Her baby girl had developed the skin condition and just could not stop scratching. Concerned for her daughter’s health, Andrea searched high and low for solutions to alleviate the problem. When the alternatives came up short, she decided to face the eczema head on by creating the ScratchMeNot.

ScratchMeNots were initially created to keep kids from scratching themselves, but they prevent other issues including hair pulling and thumb sucking. They are designed to be worn as cardigans over clothing, as long sleeves under clothing, and even as full body “Bubby bags.” The products are made of Certified Organic Bamboo and Certified Organic Cotton, so ScratchMeNots are perfect for young children with sensitive skin.


Andrea needed capital in order for her to start her small business, so she sought out the services of PeopleFund. The organization reviewed her AndreaThomas-ScratchMeNot-STcompany’s financial history in a different light than traditional banks had done, providing the amount that she needed based off company and personal information that banks refused to consider. The funding that Andrea received allowed her to invest in a larger amount of inventory to respond her immediate customer demand. She credits PeopleFund for believing in her dream and helping ScratchMeNot meet its projected revenue goals for the following year.

ScratchMeNot products are sold online and have already made their way into baby shops all over the world. Andrea is proud of her accomplishments so far, but she wants her company to grow, grow, grow. She is currently focused on maintaining and growing her customer base to meet ScratchMeNot’s projected goals as well as developing new products that will help parents dealing with sensitive skin.

“PeopleFund has helped us gift parents with peace and their children with relief,” says Andrea.

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