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Client Feature: Rational Longevity Wellness Group

By Sarah Parvaresh, Development and Communications Intern

Dr. Kirsten Shepard found her way to becoming a chiropractor after a car accident in college that left her in a great deal of pain. Typical painDr. Kirsten Shepard Rational Longevity Medicine & Wellness Group medication made her too drowsy to pay attention in class while no medication left her in too much pain to move. She looked for alternative answers to her problem and found it in chiropractic medicine. After a short time, she was in better shape than before her accident and decided to pursue a medical career helping people in the same way.

After finishing her degrees at the University of Texas at Austin and the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Dr. Shepard practiced in Los Angeles for three years before coming back home and opening her own practice in the Rosedale neighborhood. In addition to her successful office in Austin, she has recently opened a second location in Killeen off of the East Stan Schlueter Loop.

Dr. Shepard wants to give others the same life changing experience that she had when she discovered chiropractic and Longevity Wellness Client (1 of 1)holistic health care. She takes the time to get to know each of her patients and get to the root of their problems rather than just throwing medication at them. She makes it her mission to spend 45-60 minutes with each of her patients and design a unique wellness plan so they can live and be their best.  Dr. Shepard works alongside Tamara Norris, a licensed acupuncturist, Tandy Gutierrez, a health coach, and Dr. Gregory T. Davis, who practices internal medicine and alternatives to surgery.

To show her appreciation and love for people in her community and everyone who has helped her here at PeopleFund, Dr. Shepard is offering a promotion to all PeopleFund Clients: a Stress Reliever session, and any two of the following: 50 minute session of Acupuncture, Massage, or Reiki; all for $99. For non-PeopleFund clients, the same promotion is available for $129 (simply mention this blog post in your visit).

More information about the many services offered at Rational Longevity Medicine & Wellness Group can be found on their website:

Rational Longevity Medicine & Wellness Group staff


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