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Client Feature | Mooshu Trainers by Irene Kwon

Article by Irene Kwon
Development and Communications Intern

In 2002, Debra J. Bishop welcomed her beautiful daughter Madison into the world. Unfortunately, Madison was blessed with Debra’s feet and there was nothing that seemed to fit her at the time. Inspired by the lack of shoes available for her daughter and a shoe made in China called the Squeaky Shoe, Debra founded Mooshu Trainers in 2005.

pfclient-1Debra’s goal was simple. She wanted to design shoes that adhered to three core principles; width, thickness, and flexibility without compromising style. Yet, there was still the issue of funding and communication. As luck would have it, Debra was referred to PeopleFund, which was able to provide funds for Mooshu Trainers to substantially increase their inventory.

With the help of PeopleFund, Debra was able to design shoes for Madison that not only fit correctly, but helped with stability and balance. The shoes also encourage walking with the pfclient-4help of a two-way squeaker in the heel that only squeaks when walked heel to toe.

So how is business lately? Thanks to Debra’s focus on children’s comfort, excellent customer service and the pride she takes in her designs; business is booming. Debra enjoys having the freedom to spend time with Madison while doing something she loves.

As Mooshu puts it, “Whether you are in need of a dressy shoe accented by Swarovski crystals, a fun shoe with interchangeable bows, or simply a plain shoe – Mooshu Trainers offers several options for adding sass and style to your children’s favoritepfclient-8 shoes.” PeopleFund is proud to present Mooshu Trainers as a September Featured Client.

For more information about the Mooshu Trainer line please visit their website.

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