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Client Feature | Fusion 40 Fitness

Blog pic 1 WiL Turner first opened Fusion 40 Fitness in 2005 in New York after seeing a need for programs for people who couldn’t afford private training. He says it was quite challenging financially at first and still is, because he aims to provide services to people who cannot afford them.

Business wasn’t thriving in New York, and eventually WiL decided to take Fusion 40 Fitness to Texas with the hope of finding success. This is where he met another PeopleSpark participant, Coretta Turner, who would become a great inspiration and resource for WiL. Coretta urged WiL to look into the PeopleSpark program, convinced that this was exactly what WiL needed. WiL had participated in a similar program in New York, but noticed that PeopleSpark was more community oriented and business oriented, and decided to apply. According to WiL, this was the best decision he ever made – PeopleFund supported him with not only financial assistance, but also helping to develop his business strategy, building his network, and finding his voice and niche in Dallas. Most importantly, PeopleFund helped him create a home for himself as well as his business.

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What makes Fusion 40 Fitness different from other private training programs? WiL says it is his commitment to serve all people. There is a need for fitness programs for low-income communities and for the LGBT community. The transgender community, in particular, needs a place to work out where they don’t face the discrimination they unfortunately encounter at regular gyms.

Business is going great, WiL says. He is able to engage with people in a way that most trainers don’t by sharing his stories and experiences, and inspiring them to not only to worry about fitness but also to be a better person in the community. In the future, WiL wants to grow Fusion 40 Fitness into an enterprise of health and wellness to serve all people. He especially wants to cater to the transgender community, to provide mental and physical health wellness programs for them and to facilitate professional development of trainers who aspire to do the same.

The most rewarding aspect of having his own business is that he gets to make his own schedule, decide who he trains, and share his voice. His advice for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business: “Plan plan plan!”

For more information about Fusion 40 Fitness please visit their website.



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