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PeopleFund Client Feature: Karriem’s Catering

By John Macapagal

PeopleFund Client Sultan Karriem’s mother used to say, “As soon as you can reach the stove you can start cooking”. He couldn’t be kept from sampling the meals being prepared by his mother and grandmother. His inquisitiveness and curiosity in the kitchen would eventually turn into a lifelong career.

His interest and enthusiasm in the kitchen made him a great culinary student. One of his culinary school instructors, Katrina Warner, coordinator and instructor for Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Administration, said that he was willing to learn and always delivered an outstanding product. Chef Karriem has more than 10 years of experience working for well-known and experienced chefs. He worked in a number of prominent restaurants such as the Metropolitan Café and 560 by Wolfgang Puck. He has been a recipient of various awards such as the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce’s Quest Award, which honors African-American entrepreneurs.

After years of working for prominent restaurants he eventually decided to set up his own business. Karriem’s Catering started as a personal chef service and eventually grew into a large corporate custom catering business for the Dallas Fort Worth region.

Karriem’s Catering offers exceptional catering services that are uniquely tailored for each client. The company grew rapidly, from just 5 to 200 (and counting) corporate clients. Exceptional service combined with outstanding food, Karriem’s Catering creates a lot of repeat business, which has been the bedrock of the company’s growth.

Chef Karriem has recently added a “Corporate Mobile Kitchen”, which is available for summer camps, movie sets, corporate events, off-site construction, disaster relief, and festivals nationwide.

His customers include celebrities, professional athletes, busy families, new moms, and hard-working executives. His passion in the kitchen and exceptional service translated to an in-demand catering business. If you are in need of an outstanding and delicious catering service, visit his website today!

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