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Calling All Volunteers!

We feel like bringing the community together is a huge piece of our mission. We love being a part of this awesome community, whether it’s through bringing in some awesome entrepreneurs to speak at PeopleTalk, helping to set up the small businesses that keep Austin weird and our community identity strong or even just having a great space for nonprofits to use for their workshops.

Seriously, we love it.

So, we’re looking for volunteers from this great city to help us out with our clients. We’ve been lending at a record pace this year, so we have quite the rolodex of clients. Our clients are mainly women, low-income and/or minority entrepreneurs who may not have the years of experience or technical knowledge to run their organization the best they possibly can.

This is where you come in. We need volunteers to act as mentors, help our clients stay connected to the PeopleFund community and aid them with their business or technical needs. You don’t have to have all the skills or experience. We just need people with the passion for supporting our small businesses in Austin.

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