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Black History Month Staff Spotlight: Sarina Kyle

During Black History Month, PeopleFund is honored to spotlight our Fort Worth Loan Officer, Sarina Kyle. 

 Born and raised in Mississippi, Sarina relocated to Texas in 2019 with her family and two daughters. To Sarina, family is everything. Every Sunday, her family enjoys a tradition called “Sunday Funday” where they get together for an activity or outing like bowling, skating, or a museum. “My goal is to make sure we’re able to experience things and places we may haven’t had the chance to experience in the past,” Sarina explains. 

 Sarina has also taught her girls to love reading just as much as she does—even having competitions to see who can finish a book first. In her household “knowledge is power!” 

 In fact, when asked about how she celebrates Black History Month at home, Sarina said, “In my family, we normally celebrate Black History Month by reading books or watching movies about our history. I want my girls to grow up and know where we came from, so they’ll appreciate where we are going.”  

Sarina describes her daughters as her reason for being a passionate go-getter, always determined to accomplish her goals. Before moving to Texas, Sarina had worked in the bank industry for five years. Moving “opened so many doors for me and my family,” Sarina reflects.  

 Sarina joined the PeopleFund team as a Loan Officer, combining her love for giving back to the community with her professional career. In her role, Sarina has been able to provide valuable financial knowledge and help people reach their life goals. 

“It makes me proud to be in the position where I know I’m changing someone’s life,” Sarina shares. 

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