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The JET Program is here!

It’s June, meaning our Junior Entrepreneurship Track program for Austin high school students is up and running. For our JET program attendees, today is their first day of training. Over the next three weeks, our Junior Entrepreneurs will get the hands-on skills in designing a business plan, creating a marketing strategy, using Quickbooks software and more to run their own business. Each student walks away with a 17-page business plan, intensive workshop training in business management and hopefully, new ideas about what their future in the business community can be.

A little background: We started the JET Program last year at Eastside Memorial High School as a way to empower Austin’s next generation of business and community leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset. Teaching a student to think like an entrepreneur not only gives them the skills to run a business, but opens up a whole new world of possibility for taking responsibility for your own employment, learning more about your community and recognizing your own potential as a leader. This study from the Aspen Institute makes the case that a key aspect of keeping high school students in school is supplementing the curriculum with entrepreneurship education and it’s easy to see why. When you show students their own potential and teach them that their ideas could turn into profit, they’re going to be more invested in their learning and community.

This year, JET is bigger and better than ever before. We’ve added another campus, Stony Point High School, to the program; beefed up the curriculum to emphasize the entrepreneurship opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math; and hired some awesome teachers to lead the workshops.

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