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Job Opening – JET Program Instructor

PeopleFund is seeking a qualified instructor to lead a group of 10-15 high school juniors and seniors in a 4-week intensive summer entrepreneur program.

The program will lead the students through a compacted semester of entrepreneurship training where students will be taught the fundamentals of business, marketing and finance, then learn to create, pitch and implement a full-scale business plan.

The intensive will culminate in the student groups pitching their ideas before a panel of judges made up of local leaders in business and entrepreneurship and lead to entry in PeopleFund’s Top Seed Business Plan Competition in the Fall where they will gain invaluable exposure and compete for cash scholarships.


–  Bachelor’s degree from a  4-year University
–  Standard Texas secondary teaching certification, certification in-progress, or degree/experience in business, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, economics or equivalent.
–  1-2 years of classroom experience

–  Attend 1-day training prior to beginning of program to receive materials and instruction on how to deliver curriculum, due dates, presentation dates, field trips and tracking metrics
–  Lead instruction from June 4th – June 28th, Mon-Tr, 9AM-1PM according to course syllabus
–  Track student attendance, participation and feedback throughout course
–  Have students prepared for incremental assessments and presentations including Q&A with industry professionals
–  See to students’ well-being during classroom instruction, projects and field-trips


Please email Cover Letter and Resume to [email protected]
No phone calls please
Paid stipend for 4-week program completion



At PeopleFund, our core mission is to bring resources and educational opportunities to our clients and the community.  Through the Junior Entrepreneur Track (JET), PeopleFund strives to deepen the roots of economic development by engaging underserved Austin area youth and potential future business leaders, in exercises of ideation, analysis, ethics, marketing strategy, and financial modeling.


The curriculum is designed to provide students with real experience, tangible skills, and the confidence and interest to pursue entrepreneurial or other business activities they may otherwise have never considered.  This program is a unique blend of technology, financial literacy, business, education, and experiential learning.


In 2011, the Summer-Tech program served as the pilot for the ongoing Junior Entrepreneur Track. PeopleFund partnered with East Side Memorial High School and coupled the academic orientation of business and leadership with the opportunity to interact with representatives and experts from the local business community. Students prepared a business proposal with the assistance of an academic instructor addressing an important social need or business opportunity and presented their plans to a panel of volunteer judges as a means of opening opportunities to find resources to implement their projects.


Continuing the Junior Track beyond the 2011 summer, PeopleFund will partner with additional targeted Central Texas Title One schools to implement the program with similar goals and outcomes. A critical focus of the program is to guide students in how to build a business model around their technical educations.  Students gain crucial business, financial, and management skills to aid them in their college preparation and future entrepreneurial pursuits. The program is to also incorporate internships and job shadowing, allowing students to immediately put into practice the skills they have gained in the classroom while bolstering their résumés and preparing them for future professional endeavors.

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