A Social Investment Opportunity for Texas


What is PeopleInvest?

PeopleInvest is a Social Investment product from PeopleFund that provides individuals, foundations, and faith-based institutions with the opportunity to safely invest in our mission-driven loan fund.

PeopleInvest is a loan made to PeopleFund to build the organization’s small business loan fund. Through PeopleInvest, your money will enrich our community and see safe, dependable returns.

Your investment creates immediate returns.

How does PeopleInvest work?

  1. An individual or institution makes a loan to PeopleFund and receives an interest rate between 0% and 2.5%.
  2. PeopleFund uses 100% of those funds to provide loans to small business and nonprofit organizations that lack access to traditional financial markets.
  3. By increasing PeopleFund’s lending capacity, the investment directly benefits local small business owners, our community, and our economy.

Why is PeopleInvest a safe investment?

  • PeopleFund maintains a strong balance sheet and a conservative loan loss reserve.
  • We have a 19 year track record and an experienced Staff and Board of Directors.
  • We have a deep understanding of the market.
  • We have a CARS rating of AA2 (indicates excellence in lending and community impact)

For more information or to invest in PeopleInvest, call us at 512.472.8087 or email us.