Business Education

As part of our Business Education Program, we match our clients with a mentor from the community or a local university who has the skills and experience to assist in their organization’s area of concern.

Gary and Karin Gerstenhaber, PeopleFund’s 2011 Community Volunteer Award Winners

Whether it’s discussing basic accounting principles, improving a client’s web design or marketing strategy, streamlining their operational workflow or even navigating legal issues, our volunteer mentors serve as a great resource for our clients and their community.

We also offer special curriculums: PeopleStart for new business ventures with fewer than two years in operation, PeopleSpark for businesses operating in South Dallas Fair Park, PeopleVET for veteran owned businesses, and JET, our youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy program.

In addition to mentorship and our curriculums, we also offer regular workshops to the public and Innovation Week, our annual educational event.

Many entrepreneurs are inspired to hear from their peers, so PeopleFund also offers PeopleTalk, our entrepreneur education series. Learn from successful entrepreneurs working right here in our community.